This website is about leading lives that are fulfilling, creative and open to intimate relationships. It has no other purpose. The key issue is that with every decision we either connect with our innermost feelings or disconnect from them. The more we are in touch with our feelings the more we can be true to ourselves and our deepest aspirations. Becoming aware of our feelings is an act of courage, causing us to acknowledge who we are and what we really stand for. The more we ignore our feelings the more vulnerable we will be to the values and priorities of the market place. It’s not rocket science.

We live in a world that is increasingly materialistic; one that promotes the importance of wealth, power and status. Competition and achievement are encouraged from our earliest years. It’s difficult not to be affected. The following ideas and articles make it clear that the loneliness of disconnection can be avoided by listening to our feelings, taking responsibility for them and giving them the importance they deserve. As our emotional capacity deepens, so our personal evolution begins.